Trademark Registration

As expert Australian Trademark Specialists, here is some advice on how and why to register a trademark name. If you do not have a trademark you do not own your business name.

It's a little known fact. Most people register their business or company names with the belief that they will then own that name, and that no one can take it from them. Under the law, however, this is not the case. The simple fact is you need a trademark. If someone else has a trademark similar to your business name, they can make you change it or effectively stop you from doing business.

Every business needs a trademark to protects its name. Without a trademark, your business is completely vulnerable. All your hard work to build a brand may be to another party's benefit. At Trademark Works, we are experts in this field and we will ensure that your trademark has the best chance to be accepted by the Trade Marks Office. Get a trademark now and you will never lose your business name.

Below is our 3-step process to getting a trademark

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We prepare, file and manage your Trademark
We prepare, file and manage your Trademark application to the point of acceptance. We do not charge any additional fees for searches, phone calls and other expenses.
We ensure that your Trademark Certificate of Registration is sent to you directly, and offer monitoring and other services to you related to your Trademark.
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